Psalms Radio

Psalms Radio is a Christian devotional radio station broadcasting in Malayalam language from Kottayam district of Kerala state. This radio is the largest source of Malayalam Christian devotional songs. We stream contemporary Malayalam Christian music online with messages that honor God and build faith. This radio was established on 3 March 2010. This radio was started with a vision to spread divine love to encourage people in Jesus Christ and His journey and seeks to be a source of encouragement through positive and Christ centered music. So if you also love Jesus Christ then tune in today and listen to Psalms FMRadio 24×7 hours online.

Psalms Radio Station Frequency

Frequency: Kottayam Online

Language: Malayalam

City: Kottayam, Kerala


Address: Kottayam, Kerala, India

Phone Number: +44 7572 789018, +91 81292 22300

Email: [email protected]